First of non weightloss

2012-06-16 - 5:16 p.m.

So I 5"8 and weigh 210pounds. I am not like omg you are so huge put that chocolate donut down fat ass. I am 38 and just found out that my cholesterol is high. What happened to me that I now eat shit?

I hate the word diet. My mother was and still is on her "diet". This is all I can remember my mom saying growing up. Oh i am on a diet but I am going to just eat a little. Okay if you are on a diet then you just eat good food not cheat. So the diet word doesn't mean shit to me.

I work full time, part time and go to college half time. So when I have a moment I want to lay in my bed and watch tv instead of working out. My problem is what I eat!! I live off of Dr.pepper. I don't care what you say commercial Diet Dr. pepper tastes like shit!! Also since I am so busy I eat a lot of fast food or my favorite thing is little debbie donuts for breakfast. I have a hard time choosing which ones I want to eat everyday. Yes this is why I am overweight. Losing weight is hard work and right now I just want to be lazy and eat what I want to. Enough for now. I got homework to do while I drink another 32 ounces of DP.

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